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"No Complaints" is now available on iTunes,
 Amazon, etc and in the process of getting 
onto Pandora and Spotify.   
              It has been a while since
             our last update but we are  
             moving forward fast, so fast 
             in fact we can't keep up!   
             Since our last update we 
             have made more than a 
             couple changes.  The Late 
         Great Luis Anguiano Jr. is no longer a part of Los Lobos Locos.
                                             God rest his soul
               The only other big change is that we quit working day jobs
                 and live in a stinky van as we speed across america 
                leaving nothing in our wake!  Seriously folks if you want
                 us to come by and play your town (which includes your back yard)
                 just give us a jingle and we'll be down to mingle.  We have shows
                  booked through out Texas during November and a quick appearance  
                   back home before the Holidays, so be on the look out!  Check out                
                    Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram  to stay up to date with 
                       where we are.


                                           Be Good Humans,
                                            Los Lobos Locos 

Mailing List

For booking info: losloboslocoshp@gmail.com