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Nigerian Nights

Part 1

My first trip to the mother continent… Africa and I was excited! No longer a narration from ‘Wildlife On One’ from the comfort of my armchair this was first person discovery and there was certainly no Attenborough-calming, fatherly voice guiding my steps into the unknown. If anything this new frontier was quickly shaping into an excerpt from Conrad’s masterpiece and I could already feel the pull of Kurtz’s enigma sucking me up-river. I am not one for half measures and true to form was not easing my way ‘in country’, I was going straight for the jugular, putting my finger on the pulse and counting off the rhythm of the beating heart that is Nigeria. What was I doing heading to West Africa? Well, as a freelance consultant one of the many perks is visiting a kaleidoscope of exotic countries – at least briefly before heading offshore.